A Warm Welcome to Earth Summit....


We invite you to join us on these spiritual journeys to experience ceremony in the pristine mountains, sacred waterfalls and the lush primal jungle area.These journeys are deeply spiritual and transformational experiences where we are held in loving community as we heed our call and align with our destiny.


The expeditions are guided under the loving tutelage of South American Indigenous Elders and seasoned facilitators who are deeply committed to supporting people who seek guidance on their spiritual path



Earth Summit's unique Journeys offer a transformational opportunity to travel into the ancient world of Ecuador, learning to live in harmony with yourself, the earth and the sacred. Come rediscover your sense of spirit and joy and take home a deep appreciation for South America’s extraordinary culture, historic traditions, mystical places and miraculous people.

Your Host....

Earth Summit LLC Founder, Dolores Mannix is your host. A Life-long health and healing practitioner, Dolore’s love for her dear friends of the Andes and deep relationships with these shaman healers makes it possible for a select group of visitors to be guided deep into the inner reaches of their sacred world. Dolores designs and accompanies each group trip herself. She is a trusted member of the Andes communities and devotes herself to providing her guests with unmatched experiences.


For more information call or text: 518-441-6336   email: EarthSummitJourneys@gmail.com

"When we rediscover the essence of who we are

we learn too see beyond appearances to see the same truth in everyone and everything…...

we  realize ourselves as part of a whole,

interconnected with all of creation."

"When we rediscover the essence of who we are we learn to see beyond appearances to see the same truth in everyone and everything…...we realize ourselves as part of a whole interconnected with all of creation." 


I am deeply honored to journey with you. Join us as we, together, create a more peaceful earth honoring world

Shungo, Dolores

© 2003 Earth Summit LLC. 

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