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The Path of Light: An Ancient Andean Healing Intensive
Spiritual Retreat in the Andes of Ecuador

Coming back in 2022

Come immerse yourself in the mysteries of ancient Andean traditions, this journey provides an extraordinary opportunity to learn and experience the sacred healing traditions of the Andes and rediscover our "Path of Light".


Our journey begins in the Valley of the Dawn, a powerful vortex in the heart of Ecuador's sacred Andean volcanoes. The eleven day intensive training is designed exclusively for each group by the shamans themselves: Don Esteban and Jorge Tamayo. During this  journey you will be training with. and spending intimate time with. don Esteban and don Jorge and their family, surrounded by the pristine mountains, rivers and waterfalls in the natural sacredness of the village where they live and work. Yoga, meditation and small group work along with amazing food of the Andes


Don Esteban and don Jorge Tamayo will share teachings their ancestors have passed down for generations, teachings that utilize the power, energy and wisdom of the elements. Like their ancestors before us, we will experience the ancient path of initiation and healing.

Some higlights of your journey include:

  • 6 initiations, induction ceremonies and dream work

  • Pilgrimages to sacred Andean sites

  • Bathing ritual at sacred spring

  • Visit the renowned Otavalo artisan market,one of Latin Americas most colorful outdoor markets

  • Time to replenish in the Cloud Forest hot springs of Papallacta




$2,750 (includes all lodging, meals, work with the Shamans & in country transportation - does not include airfare to Ecuador) 
To Apply:

call Dolores Mannix (518) 441-6336


About your guides :

Don Esteban and don Jorge Tamayo

both Yachak (bird healer shamans) from the high Ecuadorian Andes, are the main guides. They live in the Valley of the Dawn, located in a vortex power valley between three sacred volcanoes. Married in sacred ceremony to these mountains, the land and the sacred waters, they access this powerful connection in their shamanic practices. Drawing upon pre-Incan traditions, they form a formidable force of shamanic healing power, each one adding his unique talents and energies in healing ceremonies.

Dolores Mannix, Founder of Earth Summit , is an intuitive bodyworker, yoga teacher and spiritual mentor. Dolores' love for her dear friends of the Andes and deep relationships with these shaman healers makes it possible for a select group of visitors to be guided deep into the inner reaches of their sacred world.

All Earth Summit Spiritual Expeditions are designed with sacred intention.


Earth Summit also offers private expeditions and the opportunity to custom design expeditions

for you and your group. Dolores Mannix will work with you to plan and create a program designed with the intentions of your group as the foundation. Small groups welcomed
For more information: call Dolores Mannix (518) 441-6336 - email

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