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Upcoming Journeys

Answer the call of your Heart....

Fall 2021

Allowing Grace in Our Lives:

Journey to the Valley of the Dawn

Spiritual Retreat in the Andes of Ecuador

This unique journey of awakening will take us out of our ordinary way of being and bring us to the breathtaking high Andean Mountains of Ecuador, immersing us in the ancient culture, land and teachings of the people of the Andes.


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Coming back in 2022

The Path of Light:

This Journey provides an extraordinary opportunity to learn and experience the sacred traditions of Ancient Andean healing, deepen our connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and rediscover our "Path of Light".


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Ancient Andean Healing Intensive
Spiritual Retreat in the Andes of Ecuador

All Earth Summit Spiritual Expeditions are designed with sacred intention.


Earth Summit also offers private expeditions and the opportunity to custom design expeditions for you and your group. Dolores Mannix will work with you to plan and create a program designed with the intentions of your group as the foundation. Small groups welcomed


The expeditions are guided under the loving tutelage of South American Indigenous Elders and seasoned facilitators who are deeply committed to supporting people who seek guidance on their spiritual path

For more information:

call Dolores Mannix (518) 441-6336 or email



"we come together
in this place of wildness and beauty.
we come from different places,
each with our strengths –
each with our weaknesses.
we draw together in darkest night,
in brightest sun,
to laugh and to be healed –
to struggle and break free.
we know without thinking.
we love without conditions.
and in our lives we become
one single beating heart. "

Karen S Elliott
Baltimore MD

"My family and I traveled to Ecuador with Dolores. We had a magical, spirited time! Dolores is a gifted guide, who has a deep connection to the Tamayos and to spirit."

JMK, Philadelphia

"My experience in the Amazon was truly life changing.  Being so fully immersed in Nature took me out of my ordinary realm of experience.  Reflecting back over 4 years later, I realize the trip was a clear breaking point.  My perspectives and sense of self profoundly shifted, and since that time, I feel an ability to connect more deeply to inner guidance, and to be more firmly anchored through the currents of my life.  The greatest blessing of all was spending time with the incredible group of people on the trip.  All around this was an amazing journey, both external and internal."

Megan Argo,Albuquerque, NM






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